Information for Delegates & Camping Instructions

ONE 2018 - Information for Delegates

Thank you for booking into the ONE Event 2018. We can’t wait to have you with us!

Now that you’ve booked in Please make sure you keep your confirmation email + tickets in a safe place as you will not be allowed on site without your tickets and a replacement will cost £5 per person and cause you considerable delay on the day. If you have received tickets for people who are not travelling with you, please distribute them before you leave home. If you booked camping tickets, a future email confirming your camping area will be sent in August. Please print this and bring with you .

How to find us The Lincolnshire Showground is 4 miles north of Lincoln on the A15, and we will be using the ‘Gate 2’ entrance off Tillbridge Lane (A1500) , please follow the Yellow Road Signs.

Before you leave home
Check that you have your confirmation email and tickets to hand upon arrival. You will need these for admission to the site. The ticket must be exchanged for your wristband and other registration materials. Everyone must wear their wristband at all times, and it should not be removed until after the event. Your wristband will be necessary for re-admission to the site and for security purposes whilst on site. There will be a £5 per person charge for replacement of lost or broken wristbands. Children under 11yrs will have special wristbands that help to identify them.

Please ensure that everyone you have booked for has read and understood the instructions below for both campers and non campers. We reserve the right to remove any person from the site who does not adhere to these instructions. If you have a special need or a disability please ensure that you have read the instructions here and have completed this special needs form by 31st Julyhere.

Campers Gate (Gate 2) opens from 8.00am to start queuing. Registration opens from 10.00am Non Campers Registration is from 2.00pm (Via Gate 2) A safety information leaflet will be issued on arrival, please ensure that you carefully read all information.

First meetings begin at 6:30pm on Friday. Meetings for Children Under 8 do not start until Saturday morning 10.30am onwards, but you may be able to register your children earlier than this, please see the programme available at the event for details. Registration forms are downloadable from here. Please copy as many as you need, fill them in before you leave home and take them to the venue when you go to register your children.

The ONE Hub, Camping Supplies, Food outlets will all be open from 12:00pm

General Site Information

All drivers should exercise extreme caution and observe the on site speed limit of 5mph. There will be a permanent pedestrian area around the Food outlets and around Children’s venues. Please see the programme at the event for more details.

Please avoid moving your vehicle around the campsite. Vehicles (other than those officially authorised or with passes such those used by our disabled campers) should not be used to commute around the campsite. We reserve the right to insist on any vehicle being removed to the Day Visitor car park. Please do not park around any of the ONE Event venues unless authorised to do so.

No bikes, scooters, roller blades, roller skates or skate boards are allowed on site. No dogs (except Guide Dogs) or other animals will be allowed on site. This applies to day visitors as well as to campers. Animals should not be left in vehicles in the car park.

Children should not be left alone in a caravan or tent. Please supervise your children at all times particularly under 7 years old; children can easily become disorientated and lost simply walking to a toilet block alone – tents can all look the same when you’re young! Don’t let young children go anywhere on the site alone.

A lost child is very vulnerable and becomes very upset. Please make sure your child has a wristband with your mobile phone number on, wristbands are given out when booking into the event or can be obtained from Leaders in the Children’s Venues.

Some vehicles use the roadways during the event, please make sure your children know they are roads and not safe to play on.

There will be official photographers at ONE Event; delegates will be asked for their consent to feature in up close or photography that makes them identifiable. Non identifiable photography, and photography that has been taken with the delegates consent may feature in these images, which will be used for our promotional material, both printed and electronic, including the website.

On Site Phone Numbers:
ONE Event Emergency phone – 07732 029721 East Lindsey Fire Protection – 07444 766769 St John Ambulance – 01522 731895

These numbers may be reviewed and changed if needed, the most current numbers will be printed in the event programme.

Weather Information If over the ONE Event the weather does get very hot, please use the following guidelines. Sun protection is important and people need to realise that sun burnt skin is damaged skin. A suntan is not a sign of good health.

THE SUN PROTECTION 6-POINT CODE: 1. Keep your top on. Clothing forms a barrier to the sun's harmful rays - especially tightly woven fabrics. 2. Wear a hat with a brim or flap that covers the back of neck and ears - avoiding sunburn. 3. Stay in the shade, whenever possible, especially at lunchtime. 4. Use a high factor sunscreen of at least factor SPF 15 on exposed skin. Apply as directed on the product. 5. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. 6. Check your skin regularly for unusual spots or moles which may have changed.

Non-campers Enter the Showground through GATE 2 off Tillbridge Lane, stewards will point you towards the Day Visitors entrance and car park; Registration is from 2.00pm on Friday and from 8.00am Saturday to Tuesday. The car park is locked at midnight so please leave the site and remove your vehicle before this time.

Campers Enter the Showground through GATE 2 off Tillbridge Lane. A steward will direct you to the correct lane. Please observe the 5 mph speed limit. Gate 2 will open from 8.00am to start queuing for cars and caravans. Registration is from 10.00am – 10.00pm Friday and from 8.00am – 2.00pm on Saturday. Registration Gates close at 10.00pm on the Friday and 2.00pm on the Saturday. Any individual(s) arriving between 10.00pm – 10:30pm Friday can be booked in via Gate 3. Any persons arriving after 10:30pm Friday and 8.00am on Saturday will need to find somewhere else to stay that night as tents and caravans cannot be sited during these times.

Those who wish to arrive on other event days must enter through Gate 2 and register at the day visitors gate (Open 8:00am – 8:00pm) then enter the site through Gate 3. Outside of these hours via Gate 3 until 10:30pm after these times persons will need to find somewhere else to stay that night as tents and caravans cannot be sited during these times.

At the lanes please hand in your tickets. Your tickets will be scanned and should match the people in your car. If there is a discrepancy then you will be sent to the Queries lane. After checking in please drive slowly and observe the 5 mph speed limit and stay on tarmac roads until you reach your Area to meet the Area Organiser (they should be located at the Area Flag) who will tell you where to pitch your tent/caravan. You should of received your camping area colour prior to the event but if you are unsure please ask a member of the booking in team who can help. Look out for the signs directing you to your area, all areas are indicated by a coloured flag.

Please note you will not be allowed initial entry to the site outside these times and there will be no camping on site before Friday. If you need to drop off caravans, this can be done after 5pm on Thursday, but you will need to obtain permission from the office first.

All campers should vacate the site by no later than 10.00am on Wednesday 30 August. This is urgent as ONE Event needs to be cleared down after the event and campers left on site can slow this process down. To help leave the Showground in good order we would request that you collect all litter between your unit and the next one and dispose of it in plastic bags in the nearest skip.

Pitching Tents/Parking Caravans

The Area Organiser for the particular area to which you have been allocated will tell you where to pitch your unit. Units positioned without permission will be resited. No unit should be sited without the instructions of the Area Organiser.

Please observe the minimum spacing restrictions of 6 metres between tents/caravans, so that you don’t have to move your tent/caravan after setting up. Do not block the driveway entrance to each camping area, leave clear for emergency vehicles, this includes setting up volleyball nets, etc across the road between units.

Noise and Security For the benefit of all concerned, there must be total silence after 12.00am and keep as quiet as possible before 9.00am. For security reasons, guards will patrol the site from Midnight to 8.00am. Please do not wander around the site during this time unless it is absolutely essential The one event site is surrounded by perimeter/safety fencing to maintain site safety. Please respect these fences and boundaries and ensure they are not climbed on or tampered with.

Bag checks are carried out on the day gate and spot bag checks may take place elsewhere around the site including within venues. Failure to comply with a bag check will result in you being denied entry or removed from the site.

One event uses a contracted security company for such checks and all officers have a current SIA license. 24hr Security Patrols and CCTV is also used on site for everyone’s safety. If you spot anything that concerns you while on site please report it immediately to the Site Cabin, Security Cabin, or a member of staff.

Rubbish Two plastic bin liners will be supplied to all campers on arrival. When full they should be sealed and placed in one of the large skips around the site. Additional bin liners may be purchased from the Mini Mart (see map in programme).

Toilets, Showers & Hygiene Please use the toilets and showers designated for your camping area to avoid overcrowding. You may find it beneficial to use the showers at off peak periods to avoid long queues. There are other showers around the campsite that can be used (see map in programme). These facilities are cleaned each day, please help by leaving the toilet and shower areas in a clean and tidy state, how you would wish to find them.

Disposable nappies should be well wrapped preferably in a nappy bag and placed in the nearest skip, under no circumstances put disposable nappies down the toilets. Used sanitary towels should be well wrapped up and placed in the containers provided in the toilets. Anyone finding damaged or non-working toilets and showers should advise the Site Team at the Site Cabin (see map in programme).

Drinking water taps are for filling drinking water containers ONLY. Do not use the drinking water points for filling, washing out or recharging Elsan/Chemical Toilets. There will be a separate standpipe for this near the Elsan point. These are located at toilet blocks 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9 only. Please wash your hands after carrying out this procedure, to ensure no cross contamination. At each toilet block (except Block 5) there will be a kitchen sink provided for washing Crockery and utensils and they must not be washed at the drinking water taps, please leave in a tidy condition after use.


Evacuate the tent/caravan immediately. Turn off the gas supply, if it is safe to do so. Send another adult to raise the alarm, with the On Site Fire Service contact phone number 07444 766769 and inform the Site Cabin.

Move vehicles and other items that could spread the fire, only if it is safe to do so. Tackle the fire only if you have the proper means to do so. Do not go back into the tent/caravan, until you are told it is safe to do so by the East Lindsey Fire Protection.

Do not attempt anything if you are not sure what to do. Fire Extinguishers can be found in the four main toilet blocks (1-4) ONLY USE IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO

SAFETY Please report all accidents and anything that you would think looks or seems unsafe to the Site Cabin. Your help is greatly appreciated in this. Attending public can contact Health and Safety staff from the site cabin during the event.

Gas DO NOT change gas cylinders or cartridges inside a tent or caravan. If gas should ESCAPE, from a container, ensure that there is adequate ventilation. If there is a gas leak do not enter the caravan or tent until you have first turned the gas off. Leave for 10-15 minutes before re-entering. Turn off all gas appliances and cylinders before going to bed, or leaving for some time. DO NOT use candles or naked flames in tents or caravans. Torches are much safer. DO NOT refuel cars or other engine driven equipment on the showground. Always change cylinders in open air, away from any source of ignition. Check connections are tight. Turn off at main valve when not in use. Keep cylinders outside your caravan. Before going to bed or leaving the caravan, turn off all appliances. Turn off cylinders unless appliances (such as a fridge) are designed to run continuously. Never use a cooker or a heater whilst caravan is moving.

If you suspect a leak: Turn off all appliances. Open all doors and windows. Do not smoke. Do not operate electrical switches. Contact the Site Cabin to check, if in any doubt.

The ONE Event has detailed guidance on the safe use of bottled gas/canisters, please take some time to read this it can be found here


Other Hazards Take care when cooking - don’t leave fat pans unattended. Cooking appliances should not be used inside small tents. Keep cooking appliance away from walls and the roof of tents where it can easily be knocked over. Keep matches out of the reach of children. If you smoke, use metal ashtrays. NEVER smoke in bed. All venues and buildings are smoke free zones including the use of vaping. Keep caravans ventilated. Don’t block up air vents - it could be fatal. Flammable liquids and LPG cylinders should be kept outside the tent. Oil burning appliances are not recommended.

Health No Alcohol is allowed in any of the venues, no alcohol is to be consumed by anyone under the age of 18yrs.

If you take regular medication please remember to bring it with you, especially inhalers, pills, etc. St John Ambulance will be on hand throughout the event but many of the medical problems they have dealt with in the past have been due to people forgetting their regular prescriptions.

Please be aware that the Big Top can get cold in the evenings so wear suitable clothing but it can also get very warm during the meetings when it is full, so drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

We can't wait to have you with us!